segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Tim McGraw Feat. Ne-Yo - Only Human

The kiss that never happened 
The call that never came 
The hurt you masked by laughin' 
The one that got a way 
It’s all in a day of emotional traffic 
Stranded, broken and tragic 

Finding out you're only human is hard 
I wanna change the world 
But I don't know where to start 
And I am fool enough to believe 
There’s hope among the ruin 
Finding out you're only human 

I tried to touch the sky 
Fell right to the ground 
Did my best to fly 
But I just kept falling down 
Some hopes and dreams were shattered 
Expectations broken and battered 

Oh human enough to forgive 
Oh human enough to embrace all there is 
And I am fool enough to believe
There’s hope among the ruin 

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